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Daloppy was founded in 2023 by lawyers who have been active in the MENA region and who have developed over the years their expertise in data privacy and data collection.

The data protection laws and regulations create a framework to protect the general privacy of individuals to ensure that their personal data is protected by companies who process it, by requiring said companies to implement appropriate governance for the protection and management of such personal data.

Daloppy’s primary objective is to help businesses complying with such imperatives at a prompt and cost-effective way by creating a custom-made privacy policy tool, tailored for their business, and based on the local data protection laws and regulations and the GDPR requirements, when applicable.

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Daloppy – Your Privacy Policy Partner always at hand

Daloppy is a privacy policy tool for your website and applications. Designed by recognized and experienced lawyers in the region, it’s a safe place to first build your policies in minutes only, and then make sure it is always up-to-date and compliant with the local data protection laws and regulations.

Why use Daloppy?

It is not only about being compliant with the data protection laws and regulations; today the use of ads, analytics or third-party services require you to have a privacy policy.

Usually, creating a privacy policy for your application or website through a lawyer can take a lot of time and end up being costly. By using Daloppy, you will be able to generate your unique Privacy Policy fully customized in the space of a few minutes and at the fraction of the cost.

How to use Daloppy?

Daloppy is available for all types of Businesses.

  • Websites collect personal data through different forms, live chats, newsletters, subscription services and analytics;
  • eCommerce stores use personal data to collect contact details, payment details, delivery, and billing address;
  • Apps require having a privacy policy as it definitely processes personal data and builds an experience that meets your needs and expectations.

All you need to do is to tell us more about your business by answering a few questions available in this link 

… and your part of the job is done!

We now create and generate in few minutes your policy in PDF format, to be uploaded and integrated directly to your website and application.

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About the Founders

Daloppy was founded in Dubai, in 2023 with the primary goal of helping startups and businesses with various legal documents. The first service we are providing is a privacy policy generator. You may ask why privacy policies?

We are lawyers highly skilled in data protection, data privacy, e-commerce and legal document automation and we want to help you comply with constant changing privacy regulations by making data compliance for businesses as easy, affordable and user-friendly as possible.





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