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February 18, 20230

A privacy policy explains to your clients, in simple and accessible terms, how you handle their personal data to which you have access and have received for the sole purpose of the business conducted with them.

The privacy policy is mainly supposed to:

  • Increase their trust in your organization and your business;
  • Help them better understand personal data concepts and why you collect such data;
  • Protect and improve your organization’s reputation; and
  • Enhance data management.

Your privacy policy should also aim to comfort and assure your clients that no intrusion or breach will attain their personal information, which, in their minds, should remain safe as long as it stays at your disposal.

For all those reasons, privacy policies should be tailored to the needs of every organization and business conducted.

Your privacy policy should fit the unique needs of your website, the unique needs of your client and comply with the applicable privacy laws in force. Of course it is tempting to copy another website’s privacy policy, to only change some details and then publish it for free on your own website.

However, doing so may be even worse than not having a privacy policy at all.

Indeed, copying another website’s privacy policy will not only put your business at unnecessary risk of legal penalties due to the presence of copyright, because you would be clearly stealing someone else’s work, but will also harm your website by stripping it of the uniqueness it requires and necessitates to inspire trust.

Copying a privacy policy drafted by another organization, will not be adapted to your business and will not reflect your actual practices regarding personal data. Plus, you don’t even know who created that stolen privacy policy, so how can you be so sure it is of high-quality and really designed by an expert?

We understand hiring a lawyer to be compliant with the GDPR and the new UAE data protection law might be expensive. This is why we created Daloppy, to help businesses complying with such new imperatives at a prompt and cost-effective way by creating a custom-made privacy policy tool, tailored for their business, and based on the Federal Law and the GDPR requirements.

If you are interested – you can generate your privacy policy by clicking here.

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